Indian delivery boy from Kerala shared his experience of meeting BTS.

delivery boy meet bts

An Indian delivery boy revealed the story of delivering food to the group BTS, praising the humbleness of the BTS members. As a representative example, he delivered the message “Please be careful” left by BTS member Suga for himself who delivered food on a rainy day.

On an Indian radio station ‘Club FM’ released a video of an interview with a delivery boy that he had seen with BTS. The delivery boy who was interviewed on that day said, “When I was working as a delivery boy in Korea, I saw four BTS members including Jungkook, RM, Jin, and Suga. Then, he also revealed the message left by BTS member Suga. (buy modafinil with visa) He said, “When Suga placed an order, he wrote, ‘It doesn’t matter if the delivery is delayed because it’s raining. Please be careful’.

A delivery boy who tells a story of his past meeting with the group BTS. (Youtube capture) © Bighit Info

On the other hand, Suga said in a broadcast in the past that he had suffered a serious shoulder injury in an accident while working as a part-time motorcycle delivery worker to earn money as a trainee.In the end, Suga was diagnosed with a dislocation of the shoulder and humerus, but he made his debut as a BTS member and suffered a shoulder injury for the past 9 years.


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