TXT Lyrics Quotes

TXT Lyrics Quotes

TXT Lyrics quotes are a popular topic of discussion among fans of one song or band.The TXT lyrics quotes is a fan favorite because it makes the song relatable to more than just those who were listening during its release. It can be interpreted as an motivation, romance or cultural reference and is often used on social media and on t-shirts.

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TXT Lyrics Quotes

I’m Yours, you were mine. secrets of the world.

I lost you, but I found me. So I win.

Don’t forget the name. So that the spell won’t unravel.

Til you called out my name, Something in me just changed

 I’m the one, who completes the other half of you

Lets make a magic spell with your tears, So there will be no more tears.

Can’t you hear it? my voice searching for you

The door of dreams opens, you in the memories come to reality

I don’t want to fall apart with you, can I be a pet

Let’s go on a journey to find ourselves

Though I try to hold it back everyday, Though I try to Hang in there. But its not working so well, I need your hand now.

If you’ve got a broken heart, just take a chance

The secrets I couldn’t tell, is the worries I left behind

I want to tell you that the darkness exists everywhere. So don’t be afraid of it

This Darkness that swallowed the scream, The widening space between us. Scribbles that unfold before our eyes wade again through this dream.

To make my resentment stop, please take my hand, once gain

I’m addicted to the way I feel, when I think of you

Don’t go breaking my heart, don’t go

The starlight of the night that we saw together. Don’t forget that night

Please take me now, to the magic named ‘us’

In my black and white world, you shine red and blue

I will remember and recover, not forgive and forget

Your presence changes my world like magic

Our signature is a mystery, not a coincidence

When I see her, I don’t feel lonely

In the confusion I’ve been guided by my name

Reality loses its power and even the Earth holds its breath

The empty seat without you is swept away by the wind

I feel you, even if you don’t say anything

You know the feeling a second before falling

In this place where we ran away together, just stay forever

I’m all alone, but I’m still alone

You’ll be the hero and now I’ll be the monster

I stayed up all night and today with my eyes open like a zombie

Even if I call you in the night sky, I’m afraid of the black silence without an answer

I’m looking for a sign of parting in the conversation

Now throw away all your weapons and just jump to the festival

the clear sweat I shed for the first time

I have to break this stage, I have to become an adult

You disappeared in an instant

This is not enough, I want something stronger

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