Best TXT Lyrics Quotes You’ll Ever Read

TXT Lyrics Quotes

TXT Lyrics quotes are a popular topic of discussion among fans of one song or band.The TXT lyrics quotes is a fan favorite because it makes the song relatable to more than just those who were listening during its release. It can be interpreted as an motivation, romance or cultural reference and is often used on social media and on t-shirts.

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TXT Lyrics Quotes

Presenting you all the TXT Lyrics quotes from TXT songs

  1. “You shine like the stars above, you’re my angel” – Crown
  2. “In this world full of lies, you’re the only truth” – Can’t You See Me?
  3. “We can be free, just you and me” – Run Away
  4. “Every day is a movie, we got everything we need” – Blue Hour
  5. “Even if the darkness comes, I’ll be your light” – New Rules
  6. “I believe we can fly, let’s go to the paradise” – Our Summer
  7. “In a maze of memories, I’m searching for you” – Maze in the Mirror
  8. “Your eyes are like a diamond, beautiful and shining” – Angel or Devil
  9. “We’re not alone, but it’s just the beginning” – Nap of a Star
  10. “The world is ours, we can make it better” – Eternally
  11. “In the night sky, you’re my starlight” – Magic Island
  12. “We found love in the darkest places” – Way Home
  13. “Our hearts are one, we are infinite” – 20cm
  14. “Together we rise, we can touch the sky” – PUMA
  15. “In this endless night, I’ll be your guiding light” – Ghosting
  16. “The moments we shared are forever in my heart” – Wishlist
  17. “Hold my hand, we’ll walk through the unknown” – Anti-Romantic
  18. “The dreams we dreamt together will come true” – We Lost the Summer
  19. “Like a painting, you’re a masterpiece in my life” – Frost
  20. “Let’s create a story, just you and me” – Dear Sputnik
  21. “In the chaos, your voice is my serenity” – What If I Had Been That PUMA
  22. “Even if the world turns against us, we’ll stay strong” – No Rules
  23. “Our love is like a spell, magical and real” – Magic
  24. “We’ll overcome every obstacle, just stay by my side” – Loser=Lover
  25. “In this maze, we’ll find our way out together” – Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)
  26. “You’re my muse, my inspiration” – MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari)
  27. “Our hearts beat as one, an unbreakable bond” – 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)
  28. “With you, every moment is a celebration” – No Rules
  29. “The stars in your eyes guide me through the night” – Ghosting
  30. “Together we can conquer the world, just believe” – Trust Fund Baby
  31. “In your smile, I find my happiness” – Ice Cream
  32. “We’ll write our own history, just you and me” – Everlasting Shine
  33. “The love we share is a beautiful mystery” – Drama
  34. “Even in the storm, your love is my shelter” – New Rules
  35. “With you, even the ordinary becomes extraordinary” – Can’t We Just Leave the Monster Alive?
  36. “Our connection is timeless, forever and always” – Magic Island
  37. “In this symphony of life, you’re my favorite melody” – Fairy of Shampoo
  38. “We’ll light up the world with our love” – Blue Hour
  39. “With every step, we create new memories” – Wishlist
  40. “Your presence is a gift I’ll always treasure” – Anti-Romantic
  41. “In your arms, I find my true home” – Eternally
  42. “Our love story is written in the stars” – Nap of a Star
  43. “We’ll dance through life, hand in hand” – Ghosting
  44. “Together, we’ll turn our dreams into reality” – Magic
  45. “Your love is the magic that makes my heart beat” – Angel or Devil
  46. “Through every trial, your love is my strength” – 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)
  47. “In your eyes, I see a future full of hope” – Can’t You See Me?
  48. “With you, every day feels like a dream” – Run Away
  49. “We’ll shine together, brighter than the stars” – Crown
  50. “In the darkness, you’re my guiding star” – Dear Sputnik
  51. “Our bond is unbreakable, stronger than ever” – PUMA
  52. “Every moment with you is a precious memory” – Maze in the Mirror
  53. “In this journey of life, you’re my constant” – We Lost the Summer
  54. “Our love is a story that will never end” – Drama
  55. “Together, we’ll find our way through the chaos” – No Rules
  56. “Your love is the light that leads me home” – Way Home
  57. “In your embrace, I find my peace” – Frost
  58. “We’ll create a future full of endless possibilities” – Magic Island
  59. “Your love is the melody that fills my heart” – Fairy of Shampoo
  60. “Together, we’ll make every moment count” – Loser=Lover

Unforgettable TXT Lyrics Quotes for Every Mood

I’m Yours, you were mine. secrets of the world.

I lost you, but I found me. So I win.

Don’t forget the name. So that the spell won’t unravel.

Til you called out my name, Something in me just changed

 I’m the one, who completes the other half of you

Lets make a magic spell with your tears, So there will be no more tears.

Can’t you hear it? my voice searching for you

The door of dreams opens, you in the memories come to reality

I don’t want to fall apart with you, can I be a pet

Let’s go on a journey to find ourselves

Though I try to hold it back everyday, Though I try to Hang in there. But its not working so well, I need your hand now.

If you’ve got a broken heart, just take a chance

The secrets I couldn’t tell, is the worries I left behind

I want to tell you that the darkness exists everywhere. So don’t be afraid of it

This Darkness that swallowed the scream, The widening space between us. Scribbles that unfold before our eyes wade again through this dream.

To make my resentment stop, please take my hand, once gain

I’m addicted to the way I feel, when I think of you

Don’t go breaking my heart, don’t go

The starlight of the night that we saw together. Don’t forget that night

Please take me now, to the magic named ‘us’

In my black and white world, you shine red and blue

I will remember and recover, not forgive and forget

Your presence changes my world like magic

Our signature is a mystery, not a coincidence

When I see her, I don’t feel lonely

In the confusion I’ve been guided by my name

Reality loses its power and even the Earth holds its breath

The empty seat without you is swept away by the wind

I feel you, even if you don’t say anything

You know the feeling a second before falling

In this place where we ran away together, just stay forever

I’m all alone, but I’m still alone

You’ll be the hero and now I’ll be the monster

I stayed up all night and today with my eyes open like a zombie

Even if I call you in the night sky, I’m afraid of the black silence without an answer

I’m looking for a sign of parting in the conversation

Now throw away all your weapons and just jump to the festival

the clear sweat I shed for the first time

I have to break this stage, I have to become an adult

You disappeared in an instant

This is not enough, I want something stronger

Txt Lyrics Quotes as per Songs


  • I wanna run away and disappear far away
  • Are your wings created from the same pain as mine?
  • Why is the world treating me like this?
  • Would there be forgiveness? Even for the devils?

Nap of a star:

  • I’m afraid of the dark silence that doesn’t answer when I call out to you in the night sky
    Maybe we should forget it now
    The moments that felt like magic and the night sky I walked with you
    They might just disappear like dreams

Run away:

  • It feels like everyone’s happy but me
    It hurts more when I smile than when I cry
    Though I try to hold it back every day, though I try to hang in there
    But it’s not working so well

Magic island:

  • Will it eventually come to nothing?
    Will all the dreams become memories?
    This drifting voyager
    I think I forgot how to laugh

Maze in the mirror

  • Don’t let me even find the real me


  • Please stop
    This nightmare I have every night
    Your hands as if you’re going to catch them
    Now tell me
    Name wandering around my lips
    The meaning of this sad dream
  • I want to end this world


  • In a room where only echoes linger
    I wander alone all the time
    I’m like a ghost
    Like a ghost


  • I’m not going to make it
    I won’t be able to get into heaven
    I don’t belong there
    No place for me in heaven

    At the tips of my feet
    Everything turned pitch black
  • I’m full of problems, love sick
    No way to go
    I was fine to die
    I’m a loser in this game

Ice cream:

  • Oh, I really can’t do it
    I feel like I’m the only one that’s been robbed
    It’s unfair
  • I think in the end I am the unhappiest one

No rules:

  • I’m confused because all of the broken patterns
    Don’t know what’s right, I don’t get it

    Woo, my world is panic

Dear sputnik:

  • Empty
    It starts yet again, an endlessly empty day
    There’s only loneliness in this cold atmosphere that drives me crazy


TXT profound lyrics and memorable quotes have cemented their place in the music industry. Through their exploration of themes such as youth, friendship, and dreams, TXT connects deeply with their audience, offering both comfort and inspiration. Their innovative musical style and cultural impact underscore their significance as contemporary music icons. As TXT continues to evolve, their lyrics and quotes will undoubtedly continue to resonate, inspire, and influence listeners worldwide.