WeMake, introduce BTS slippers

WeMakep announced on the 23rd June that it will sell two types of slippers with the motifs of BTS’ representative songs, IDOL and MIC Drop.

• IDOL LEO flip-flops (white, green, orange, yellow)

• MIC Drop slippers (black, red, gray) are sold at 17,900 won each at a 16% discount from the regular price.

‘IDOL LEO Flip Flops’ is a product designed based on the concept of the colorful and patterned costumes worn by BTS members in the IDOL music video. The ‘MIC Drop Slipper’ reflects the intense color contrasting red and black with the motif of the MIC Drop song.

Won-hee Sohn, head of WeMakeup’s Product said, “We will quickly discover the latest trending products and continue to introduce special compositions exclusively for WeMakep users.”

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