Why does BTS and blackpink members looks like siblings?

BTS and blackpink members look like siblings Really?

BTS Members

BTS, a South Korean pop group, is the first K-pop idol to hit number one on the Billboard charts. They has been around for about six years and has been incredibly successful with the release of seven studio albums.

In addition to being an award winning group, BTS is also a social media phenomenon. They have a social media following of over 200 million followers on Instagram alone.

Blackpink Members

The Korean girl group blackpink is known for their vibrant and versatile songs that are infused with refreshing lyrics, catchy hooks, and powerful vocals.

A lot of people are looking up to blackpink because of their success in the K-pop industry. They have achieved a lot in the space of just three years since their debut, including hitting number one spots on Billboard’s World Albums chart and taking home awards at the Golden Disk Awards.

BTS and blackpink members looks like siblings

In this article, we will talk about some of the similarities they share. We will also talk about how they are different from one another in order to give a better understanding of why they look so alike.

BTS and blackpink look alike because they have similar interests, styles, and personalities.

BTS and blackpink members, both collectively known as the Bangtan Boys and Black Pink, have been creating a huge fan base.

They have been compared to one another for their looks, interests, and even personalities.

Blackpink members have striking similarities in their facial features with BTS members who are close friends

Many have speculated on whether this is due to the fact that they both come from Big Hit Entertainment company.


While it’s not uncommon to find idols that are lookalikes, there are times when idols share traits that could be passed down by their parents or grandparents.

The key factor in the identical features is the genes, which are transmitted from generation to generation, but there can also be other factors influencing this phenomenon.

HENCE, BTS and blackpink members only looks like siblings but in real they are not.

[Report by – Eva Hagen]

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